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Hundreds of thousands of deals are sent per year, cross-SSP.
More than 50% are lost or not activated for many reasons.

This is why there’s Deal Exchange.

Token Features

Manage all your deals in one place.

Use a powerful tool to make your team more efficient at managing their Deals,
bringing a better visibility of their activity, and better optimization.

Automation first

Working in programmatic advertising means to automate transactions. Why should we send manually all the Deal Ids from different SSP and DSP ?
We automate this heavy task that often lead to discrepancies.

More control & better visibility

By norming the view across deals from all SSP, you can manage in a unique UI all your deals, access from the setup of them, to the delivery on a selected period.
All of this shared in your workspace (Publisher & Buyer).

Collaborative, close to social

This ecosystem have a lack of collaboration tools between buyers and sellers. Manadge provide connected Workspace to both sides. We automate the exchange of data so both party have the exact same view.

Unify your technology stack, down to your workspace in just a click.

Our infrastructure provide a platform that improve your productivity with your data. We’ve build strong and deep connectors to your technology stack to give you deep insights.

Some Deals setup are completely different from a SSP/DSP to another, we norm all of them for a clear view, for all your team.

Just add your credentials, we do the rest.

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Token Features