Programmatic advertising
all-in-one workspace.

Collaborate, analyze a Deal ID, get notified of revenue drop or just know how much you’ve done yesterday — Manadge got you covered.

Token Features

Access to aggregated and normalized data.

Manadge integrates with SSPs and DSPs you already use to help you centralize all your programmatic advertising business.

Getting mapped and normalized dimensions, automated and dedicated for your company, has never been so easy.

Understand & analyze your data.

Access to a powerful platform with all delivery (Bids, Win Rate…) and performance metrics (VTR, Viewability Rate, CPC…) in just a click.

Manadge normalizes your data so you can understand how you are performing, and optimize more efficiently, with ease.

Make smarter & faster decisions.

Our powerful yet flexible deals management platform (Private Marketplaces and Programmatic Direct) will give you insights and data you need to analyze and optimize with confidence.

Align your team in a platform with custom portfolio for each one of them, so they can focus on what really matters.

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Token Features
Token Features

Built For The Management, Traders and Sales

Deal Exchange

Discover the first automated programmatic advertising platform for Buyers and Publishers. Unify your Deals setup and statistics across your SSP, within an unique and normalized view.

All your deals in one up-to-date & automated table.

Optimized for the best management experience.

Automatically shared to related Publishers & Advertisers workspace'.

Uniform numbers and performance statistics to associated teams.

Token Features
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